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Say it, birdbrain!

Sunny today!

Well, last night, I had my parrot with me on a cardboard-made bird stand (yes, made it myself) and I was eating corn on the cob. And the little dear always dies to have some of whatever I’m eating.

The "Up!" (step up). He also says "Up!" to go with his foot.

Well yesterday I wasn’t and sharing mood and so I just kept eating while he was saying non-stop, “Dada! Dada! Dada! Dada!…” you get the idea. Me and my dad had trained him to say “Roxanne” too, but as I was always relax with my bird-talking-training, my dad was not.

So there I got annoyed so I said “say ‘Roxanne!!'” again and again. But say it he would not. Exasperated, I put the corn there for him to eat anyway. He climbed down and ate until he was full.

Then he looked at me, smiled in a birdy-ish way and said “Roxanne”.


All you bird lovers or owners check this out: very cute. (No that’s not my Senegal. Somebody else’s.) I think that bird was trying to use that feather as a light bulb. Enjoy! 🙂

~from the pearl butterfly…


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What’s a parrot to you?

To all you parrot and bird owners out there,

I sympathize with you. Truly I do. I have one of the most playful, hard-headed and bold SMALL bird there is: an African Senegal.

Yes.  You can see the beady yellow-orange eyes staring at you, right?

Meet Tahite. His name is Taino Indian, it means “cute”.

I’ve had him since I was 7 years old, and I love him to the painfullest bite-and he’s bit me hard in my time.

The big small parrot

The big small parrot

I remember well the first time my dad told me that he was going to buy me a parrot. I was 6, in a medium-sized rented house-as we were in between moving from one state into another. I don’t quite remember what I did that my dad was happy enough to buy me my own companion, but whatever it was, I will not go buy back in time to change it under any condition! No sir!

As an only child, and a kid, I was excited. I had only seen pretty parrots in pet stores and pictures. I imagined parrots just a more colorful version of a cardinal. Hah.

One day, he said he found it a little of a small type of parrot that was one of the nicest birds. Excuse me while I smile. I think what he was excited about most is that “they” (whoever wrote that particular article) said that they were also very quiet. Excuse me while I smile again!

Well, the nice lady sent pictures. They looked more like shriveled-up mass of skin and white feathers then baby birds to me. Aren’t all baby animals supposed to be cute?

The next week she sent some more pictuers. “Oh. Well that looks much better”, I said.

Well, we moved to our new (big) falling-apart house. You should’ve seen me. I was jumping up and down on the moving truck and climbing over everything. To say that I was thirlled would be a vast understatement. Soon I was asking dad every 5 hours, “when are you gonna go get the pwetty bird? When are you gonna go get Tahite?”. “Soon”, he’d say.

Well, about two weeks later there came the day that dad came home with a dog carrier. I had questions marks and exclamation points written all over my face. He called my mom and grandma to come see. He stuck his finger inside the box, I heard something that sounded like claws on hard plastic, and out came his finger with a little bird, dazed, small, and all around clueless.

I looked into the tiny back dots. (Not until he was grown up did the micheevious yellow get into his eyes). I held him in my hand, by his back, and he looked at me.

I was clawed. from the butterfly~

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