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Not to mention that you will save on the price of big bags of fertilizer.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Plant your seeds in good planting soil (this is a must–better not to re-use last year’s mix–I know, I’ve tried it. Use NEW soil.).
  2. Let them grow, and water every day with a soft sprayer.
  3. When it’s time to plant them, outside, or in a pot (depending on what kind of plant it is)  this is how you mix the earth: 1/3 organic compost and 2/3 normal soil (whatever soil you need to use).
  4. Add and extra layer of compost on the top.
  5. Every month or so, renew the layer of compost on the top, adding 2 or 3 inches.
  6. Let live.
  7. And get a healthy plant–or vegetables–or flowers!DSC05514

Not too hard, now is it?

Now go get gardening.

Here’s a tip: buy the black plastic cloth that you can find in gardening/outdoorsy stores, and put it covering the area where you want to plant next year. It will save you lost of work in pulling weeds and grass. Try it.


Don’t have money for fancy containers to start your seeds in? I don’t either. But I have a good alternative: Egg containers. And egg shells. Simple. Just have to be careful when you break the egg, and use it as a seed starter.PICT0096

Now go plan for next years garden.

~~from the dirt-rendering butterfly…


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Oh, yes it is. Why? Because gardening is…. green! Eco friendly! And it’s fun.

Gardening is so nice, because:

  • Fresh foods! The fresher, the better for your health.
  • It’s exercise! You can lose so many calories when you garden:
    • Watering – 61 c.
    • Raking – 162 c.
    • Bagging leaves – 162 c.
    • Planting seeds – 162 c.
    • Weeding – 182 c.
    • Clearing Land – 202 c.
    • Digging, spading, tilling – 202 c.
  • Let’s say you weigh 180 pounds. In 30 minutes of clearing land, weeding, planting seeds, and racking, you loose 708 calories. And with that burned calories, you get pretty flowers and tasty fruit to boot!
  • Your kids have something fun to do instead of playing video games all day. Even just 5 minutes in the sunshine will do them good.
  • It’s fun! Just seer clear from worms and ants, and you’ll be alright.
  • You save money in the long run. You buy a seed packet of tomatoes for 1 dollar. You grow 3 plants=about 30 tomatoes! And you still have plenty of seeds left. Now that’s what I call a bargain.
  • It’s good to the environment. The earth was made to have things grow in it! That’s why we have to give it a hand and plant the seeds in the soil and let them grow. You’ll be doing a favor the earth, the seeds, and the worms too!

All you need is some green thumb 101, and you’re off! Just make sure you have some gloves, a rake, and land (or pots) then write down what you want to plant.

Look each one up, gather information about them: if they’ll grow in your zone, what kind of soil they grow good in, how much sun they need, and how much water. I recomend buying a book that has all this in it (easyer and less time consuming). Then get the seeds, plant them, and take good care of them.

When their finished growing, just sit back and enjoy the view.

Roxanne Robin

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All my gardening efforts went up in smoke–literally.

What I did, since I didn’t have any fluorecent light thingys that proffesional have for growing seedlings and I didnt have any money to buy one, I used and old flexible light that my dad used to use to read late at night when I couldn’t fall asleep (Iis cronic insomina hereditary? hmm…).

That was the kind that you must not touch it near the bulb because it was really, really hot. And since it was old it had developed a bad habit of leaning down…

So I had it right infront of my little seeds that I planted.

I left, had fun with friends, came home with a laughing amounts of funny memorys in my head when my mom said, “Come, let me show you something.”

I had it all on a big shoe box that was pink and that I really liked. There was a whole, scarred, and full of ashes, in the middle of my shoe box. The old lamp was nearby, all smoked of and bronze colored (as it was metal), and there was half of my planted seeds dissapread. Just like that.

Mom told me how she was down stairs when she smelled something burning, and as she walked up the stairs there was nothing but while smoke everywhere, and no oxygen whatsoever. She told me how she rushed to the bathroom to get water into a bucket, coughing all the time, and in her haste she dropped the water and had to fill it up again, and how she finally tuned off the fire.

As you can imagine, I was shocked, amazed, guilty, and just speechless in general. If had my way, that old lamp would be in a trash can tomorow.

Well, the half that burned has now been replanted, and everything dirt-wise has been transplanted to the basement near a window. I guess I should just be thankful that the house didn’t burn down and my mom with it.

No more lamps for me, thankyouverymuch.

~~from the firefly butterfly…

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hhjIt’s that time of year, again.

I’ve tried and tried to get more than one or two flowers or fruits out of my gardening efforts, and this year, I decided that I’ll make it grow, and I’m gonna make it grow good. Period.

(Yes, I can be straight-forward and determined to do something every now and then…)

pict0096So, using a combination of old and new gardening tips, I’m formulated a plan:

My gardening plan! Now, I’m going to post everything I do, what works and what doesn’t, and maybe at the end of the near I’ll see what went right, and what went wrong.

Today: March 8 2009

What I planted: Lavender, Watermelon, Cilanto, Zinnia (pink and red), Cucumber, Tatsoi (I’m not too sure why I planted this), Rue (this either), and chili peppers (actually the chili peppers just kinda survived from last year, so, yeah).

More updates coming soon… in the mean time check this websites out, they rock: (or rather, they root…)

Sustainable Gardening Tips I’m hoping this will help keep my garden alive…

Flower and Garden Tips

The Garden Helper

It’s been a while since I visited these… hm. Maybe I should take some of my own advise and go surf to these websites.

~~from the dirt-coverd butterfly…

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