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FREE Knitting Patterns

PICT0787For all you free pattern lovers I found a few great websites that have nice patterns and easy to understand:

  • Knit.1 (love their free patterns)

And the knitting website community of the world:

(Did I mention that revelry will rock your knitted socks off?)

Have fun, check them all out (no exceptions-they all are great), and don’t forget to knit!

~~from the knitting butterfly…

Hey! Do any of you knitters out there have a great pattern or website you wanna share? Lemme know! Comment me! Even if you just say hi. Thanks!


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Not to mention that you will save on the price of big bags of fertilizer.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Plant your seeds in good planting soil (this is a must–better not to re-use last year’s mix–I know, I’ve tried it. Use NEW soil.).
  2. Let them grow, and water every day with a soft sprayer.
  3. When it’s time to plant them, outside, or in a pot (depending on what kind of plant it is)  this is how you mix the earth: 1/3 organic compost and 2/3 normal soil (whatever soil you need to use).
  4. Add and extra layer of compost on the top.
  5. Every month or so, renew the layer of compost on the top, adding 2 or 3 inches.
  6. Let live.
  7. And get a healthy plant–or vegetables–or flowers!DSC05514

Not too hard, now is it?

Now go get gardening.

Here’s a tip: buy the black plastic cloth that you can find in gardening/outdoorsy stores, and put it covering the area where you want to plant next year. It will save you lost of work in pulling weeds and grass. Try it.


Don’t have money for fancy containers to start your seeds in? I don’t either. But I have a good alternative: Egg containers. And egg shells. Simple. Just have to be careful when you break the egg, and use it as a seed starter.PICT0096

Now go plan for next years garden.

~~from the dirt-rendering butterfly…

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