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too fast

Fast-paced life? This might just be the idea for you.

Freelancing Fun On Fridays

I think Jennie Cromie might be on to something.

I just love her idea. It’s mostly for freelancing writers, but I think it will go with anyone that has a hectic schedule in general.

I wonder how long that squirrel has been learning to skateboard? (I’m referring to the picture in her article)

Enjoy and tell me what you think, people! Don’t be shy. 🙂


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Check out what I knitted for this little cutie... without a pattern. 🙂



I’ve been waiting for something like this to happen like this for years!

Quamut has all knitting patterns free for us to print!

And that bead scarf pattern they have is so pretty…. I’ll have to remind myself to get some more printing paper at the store….

Here, kitting lovers: enjoy. Quamut free knitting projects.

Did I mention that it only lasts until the end of February? It’s like at midnight Cinderella will turn back into a servant. Meh.

And if you don’t knit, check it out anyway. You might send it to someone you know who loves knitting, or just start learning yourself… you never know what might come out of it.

~~from the bead-knitting loving butterfly…

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Above the crash

Falling economy got you






check this out:

Economic Crisis Has Got People Blue. But You?

It’ll help you get back on track to the more important things.

Hint: Hug whoever is right next to you.


~~from the sleepwalking moth butterfly…

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Ever wondered whether you should do freelance writing? For all you undecideds, here are a few pros and cons:

  • Flexibility. Busy with a part-time job, maybe? Or a mom, or just busy in general… you get to choose what you do, your pay, and your terms.
  • Unreliability. Sometimes even professionals get a hard time landing a job. If you want some help, I recommend reading this: How to land a freelancing  job.
  • Freedom. (Hence the “free” in “freelancing”) You can be doing an editing gig, at the same time be doing a blog job, and be writing a book all at the same time.
  • Unstable. Sometimes you might not find many jobs and so settle for a low paying one, while you could be doing something else for a lot more bucks. The key: keep trying!
  • Writing love. Love sports? You can get paid to write about it! (and there are many jobs in that category, mostly in blogging). First and foremost: if you ant too be a blogger, get your own blog. You can use WordPress, to start out, since it’s free. If you want a blog or website that’s more sofisticated, and don’t mind paying about 10 bucks a moth, try Siteground.
  • Wasted time. If your the impatiant type, don’t write. It’s not for you. Writing, freelance writing is a job that takes paitiance. And writing lots of emails, and taking lots of rejection. But once you get past a cetain rough spot, it’s awesome!

For you all that are starting out, add theise website to your bookmarks:

Freelance writing jobs

About freelance writinggood old-fashioned writing

Writers weekly ~~to find jobs–look for forum–freelancing jobs

The write jobs

All freelance writing

These aren’t exactly job websites, but they have great stuff to read that go along well with your morning coffee or tea. Watch out: they might inspire you!



The orphan

WOW! Women on writing

The golden pencil ~~well, it use to be call that before it changed hosting sites….

So, if you decided to become a freelancing writer, all I can say is:

write well,

write loud,

and write often.

~~from the flying butterfly…

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My name is Life

I read this article and I thought it was intresting. Check it out: Where does the name Butterfly come from?

I saw this blog and I though it was just so butterfly-ish poetic… enjoy! Butterfly Notes.

Such is life. Cheers!

Not much to say today.

There was a little girl I knew but never quite met her officially. So I asked her, “What’s your name?” (keep in mind she’s about 2-3 years old) She answered, “Basketball!”

I said “Noo not that name, your real name!” So to that she answered, “Scooter.”

I gave up, and said, “Well, nice to meet you.” And she eagerly gave me a high five.

I asked her mom what her real name was and she said “Balla Skeetor.”

I laughed and said “Oh, wow. Well, she told me that her name was basketball scooter.”

The mother cried, “She what?” The poor mother shook her head, and said to herself “I do not know what goes on in that girl’s brain.”

Well, I think I’ll go buy Balla a basketball and a scooter. Maybe next time she’ll tell me her name is buttercup scissors.

Life is full of possibilities!

~~from a sleep-deprived moth butterfly…

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Watching the world

To just sit and watch the world pass by…

….. I wish….

I would if only it was warmer outside.

Don’t miss this, world!

Let the World Pass You By

~~from the ever-observing butterfly…

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Not Madrasi, sista…

The other day me and my mom want to the mall for some shopping-without-money therapy and there was a watch the she wanted to fix and she was looking to see who could fix it.

We wandered into a little jewelry store and there was a short, bronze colored little lady who was from India.

Now my mom just loves international stuff (she had wanted to be a traveling agent when she was young) so she was googling the Indian culture (India). And she found out that most of our ancestors came from India (matching up weird family traditions and whatnot).

So She figured out that my great-great-great grandmother came somewhere from south India, and my grandfather too.

But in India, People form the north call the southerns “Madrasi” (and old city-tribe-something) which is usually not true.

So this eager little lady who spoke almost no English said to mom, “You come from India, no?”

And my mom said, “Yes, kind of.”

She replied, “Ah. You Madrasi?”

As to which my gave a long explanation as to how  a long time ago, the english exported people from India, like from (enter cities) to the Caribbeans and so lots of the Caribbeans have ancestors form India. The poor lady would frown while my mom talked, and smiled only when she heard a name of a Indian city. Example:

“blah blah blah, Punjab (“ah, ah yes Punjab!”)

blah blah blah Bombay (“ah yes Bombay!”)

blah blah, so I’m not Madrasi. (“Ah yes Madrasi! You from Madras!”)

Pretty soon it got much too funny for me to handle with a straight face. So I  left to pretend to look at another store while I silently bowed over laughing in front of the next store.

A couple went by and I heard the girl say “what the–what’s wrong with her? Is she dieing of a heart attack or something?” and the guy replied “Well, if she is dieing, she sure seems to be enjoying it.”

~~from the wings of a (Madrasi, no?) Butterfly…

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